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Poonam Sharma is a contemporary visual artist & muralist. She grew up in India, where she learnt various folk & tribal art forms and explored contemporary styles in Canada through various community art projects.  In her paintings and murals, she blends various art forms to create a unique expression and enhance the significance of art forms passed through several generations. She completed her Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT). Her education played a very prominent role in getting in-depth knowledge about the art and culture of India. In 2013, I moved to Toronto, Canada, with my husband and son. Her initial years in Canada were challenging as she didn’t know anybody.


Poonam is a community animator who could bring people together to engage in the creative process. She has painted 25+ Murals all across GTA and believes in working closely with community members. She feels deeply connected with the beautiful Town of Milton, known for its picturesque greens, vibrant shopping districts and active arts community. She says, “A painting belongs to the artist however, a mural belongs to that community which is only fair as they see that wall every day.”

(This Traffic Box is located at Thompson Road and Nipissing)

Bouquet of colours

My concept of a Mural is inspired by various beautiful “FLOWERS” in the Milton neighbourhood. Milton has lots of Conservation parks which are beautiful throughout the year! The bright & lovely flowers in every season create a cheerful environment, and I wanted to design a mural as a “Welcoming” our community with a bouquet. Various flowers are also conceptually representing ‘Diversity.’ Each flower is different with similarities in the same variety, yet unique, different & beautiful in its own way. The harmonious bouquet is surrounded by colourful butterflies representing our community.

RangRiva is the name she gave to her Art practice which involves consultation and connection with the community.

Some other works of the artists: