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What is the Exclusively Inclusive Project?

“Exclusively Inclusive” is a public art project that explores the themes of racism and other forms of hate, with the hope that we can reflect on our own attitudes and do better.


Each of the ten artists participating in this Project has created art to be placed on traffic boxes in Milton. The traffic box art speaks to themes of inclusion, diversity, and equity. The artists represent diverse backgrounds and experiences, and each has brought a unique perspective to the collection’s pieces. The traffic box art will be available for viewing at intersections throughout Milton by November and on our website now.


We want to work with schools and encourage young learners to think critically about social issues through the lens of public art for the purpose of bringing positive social change.


What do the school workshops involve?

One of the artists featured in our Project will conduct the workshop. They will talk about the importance of inclusiveness and about how that is reflected in their traffic box art and the art of other traffic box artists. They will also conduct a workshop that covers learning objects in art and other subjects. They will also engage students in an art activity that will cover learning objectives in art and other subjects. Red T Kids Media, a leading educational organization, has created all the educational material for the workshop.



Why are these workshops important?

-These workshops help learners to explore diverse perspectives.

– They encourage discussions of inclusiveness.

– They enable learners to reflect on their words, attitudes and actions toward others.

– They present real-life experiences of being a “them”, instead of an “us”.

-They give learners time to interact with and learn from a professional artist.


When will the workshops happen?

These workshops are scheduled to happen in November and December. Please fill in this form to apply for a workshop at your school. Fill out this form.


How many learners are in the workshop?

The workshops are intended for a single class (1 per school) with a maximum of 30 learners.


Who would be suitable for this workshop?

Our workshops have been divided into three age/grade levels: elementary, intermediate and secondary. They will work best with learners in grades 4 and up. The workshops take a cross-curricular approach, including outcomes from several areas of the curriculum. In the case of secondary learners, however, they may be best suited for an art course.


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