Arts Milton Mission

Arts Milton, a not-for-profit organization, connects artists of all genres and levels of experience with the greater Milton community to facilitate creative expression and cultural enrichment. At Arts Milton, our mission is to seamlessly weave arts and culture into the fabric of Milton, making them an integral and enriching part of our lives.

We take pride in connecting artists of diverse genres and experience levels with the broader Milton community, fostering an inclusive space for creative expression and cultural engagement. Our commitment is grounded in the belief that the arts have the power to inspire, unite, and enrich our lives.

As an organization, we offer a range of programs designed to support and celebrate the artistic community in Milton. From The Friendship Project, Summer Days Summer Nights performance series, Crafting Culture, Exclusively Inclusive Art Project and Milton Culture Days activities, we strive to provide a platform that encourages collaboration, growth, and the celebration of our cultural heritage.

Join us on our journey to make Milton a thriving hub of creativity and cultural expression. Let’s paint a colourful canvas that reflects our community’s diverse and dynamic spirit together.


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