Exclusively Inclusive Art Project

“Exclusively Inclusive” is a public art project that explores the themes of racism and hate with the hope that we can all do better. 

Exclusively Inclusive Year Two Project

Welcome to Year 2 of the Exclusively Inclusive Art Projects, proudly presented by Arts Milton! Building upon the success of our inaugural year, we are thrilled to announce a new and captivating endeavour taking place at Hugh Lane.

In collaboration with the Town of Milton and Red T Kids Media, we are bringing together five talented artists:








These artists will be working tirelessly to create a vibrant and engaging mural that will grace the sidewalk of Hugh Lane. Starting in July, this ambitious project aims to transform the space into a captivating visual narrative that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the power of art.

Through the Exclusively Inclusive Art Projects, we strive to foster an environment where art becomes a catalyst for dialogue, connection, and understanding. By bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds, we aim to create a mural that reflects the richness and beauty of our community’s tapestry.

Throughout the creative process, we encourage community members, art enthusiasts, and curious visitors to join us at Hugh Lane, witness the transformation unfold, and engage with the artists. This project provides a unique opportunity to observe the artistic journey and gain insights into the inspirations and stories behind the mural.

We invite you to explore our website, stay connected, and follow us on social media for updates on the progress of Year 2 of the Exclusively Inclusive Art Projects. Join us in celebrating art’s ability to transcend boundaries and cultivate a stronger, more inclusive community.

Together, let us embark on this exciting artistic endeavour led by Aparna Rangnekar, David Anthony, Hope Flynn, Reilly Knowles, and Yen Linh Thai, which promises to be a testament to the power of collaboration and the beauty of diversity.

Exclusively Inclusive Year One Project

In year one of the project, ten artists created art that was placed on specific traffic boxes across Milton. The traffic box art speaks to inclusion, diversity, and equity themes. The artists themselves represent diverse backgrounds, abilities, and experiences, and each artist has brought their outlook to the themes of the collection. Through artist-led workshops in Milton schools and a community panel discussion, the perspectives and experiences of Milton residents were integrated into the project.In addition to unique art, the ten traffic boxes also feature QR codes; by scanning them, Milton residents can learn more about the art and the artist and access topical learning materials specially developed by Red T Kids’ Media. Teachers can use these learning activities; these materials are free for download on our site and are an excellent resource for discussing inclusivity and diversity. 


Arts Milton partnered with Red T Kids’ Media and the Town of Milton to do this multilayered project. Some of the students took a tour of the traffic boxes and asked the artists a lot of questions when they visited their schools.


In speaking about the “Exclusively Inclusive” Project, Auleen Carson, President of Arts Milton, commented, “We hope Milton residents will enjoy the beauty and positive messages of the traffic box art. The QR codes on the boxes offer a wonderful resource for Miltonians of all ages to engage with the art, and to consider how we can all contribute to making our community more inclusive”.

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