Exclusively Inclusive Art Project

Fostering Unity Through Art in Milton

“Exclusively Inclusive” is a public art project that explores the themes of racism and hate with the hope that we can all do better.

Welcome to the vibrant world of the Exclusively Inclusive Art Projects, a public art initiative by Arts Milton that delves into themes of racism and hate, aiming to inspire positive change.

The Exclusively Inclusive Art Projects seamlessly integrate art, education, and community engagement. Year one featured traffic box art across Milton, transforming ordinary spaces into vibrant expressions of inclusion. A gallery opening and panel discussion brought together the community, facilitating dialogue around the powerful themes explored in the project.

This project, a collaboration with the Town of Milton and Red T Kids Media, has turned Milton into an art-filled space celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and the transformative power of art. The murals, traffic boxes, and the Walk and Wander event, now on full display, invite you to explore the richness of our community’s tapestry. Funding for this project was provided by the Government of Ontario.


In both years, we extended this project’s impact to 20 schools, 10 in each year, offering free workshops conducted by our artists. This provided students with a unique opportunity to engage with the project’s themes directly. The traffic box art, featured in the first year, includes QR codes that, when scanned, offer insights into the artist and their work, complemented by learning materials by Red T Kids’ Media—downloadable for free on our website, fostering valuable discussions on inclusivity and diversity.


Year Two Project: Transforming Hugh Lane Sidewalk

In our second year, we are excited to showcase the talent of five remarkable artists: Aparna Rangnekar, Hope Flynn, Reilly Knowles, David Anthony, and Yen Linh Thai. They have collaboratively created two mesmerizing murals each on 16 Hugh Lane, Milton, adding a burst of creativity to the community’s visual landscape.

The schools covered during the Artist let workshops in 2023 were:

Anne J. MacArthur Public School, Bishop P. F. Reding Catholic Secondary School, Bruce Trail Public School, E. C. Drury School for the Deaf, E.W. Foster Public School, Irma Coulson Public School, Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School, Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary School, Sam Sherratt Public School, and Viola Desmond Public School.









Year One Project: Traffic Box Art Across Milton

In our inaugural year, ten talented artists adorned specific traffic boxes across Milton with art that speaks to inclusion, diversity, and equity. These artists, representing diverse backgrounds, conducted workshops in Milton schools, integrating the perspectives and experiences of residents into their creations.

The schools covered during the Artist led workshops in 2022 were:

Bruce Trail Public School, Craig Kielburger Secondary School, E.C. Drury School, Hawthorne Village Public School, Hitherfield School, Irma Coulson Public School, J.M. Denyes Public School, Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School, Robert Baldwin Public School, and Sam Sherratt Public School

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Funding provided by the Government of Ontario