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Allycia Uccello is best known for her abstract energy resin paintings, murals and glass cube sculptures. Influenced by the writings of Jane Roberts, the Seth Material, Uccello has been exploring concepts of the Unknown Reality.  Each of her paintings and glass cubes, while chaotic and energetic at first glance, enclose alternate dimensions and frozen moments of vibrational patterns that permeate all that there is. Uccello employs the optical illusion of depth with layers of resin, paints or glass sheets, creating diffused colours, swirls, lines, and overlapping patterns to build up forms alluding to something else just out of reach. These combined elements create a portal from the local to infinite realities. She lives and works from her studio with her partner in Campbellville, Ontario, Canada.

How Far We’ve Come 

(This Traffic Box is located at Main Street and Nipissing / Lowes Entrance to Milton Mall)

The zeitgeist so necessary in today’s everchanging and challenging world is that we all are loved and that just simply being kind and also intellectually curious is critical to our well-being and growth. Kindness builds a sense of belonging and empathy, but it also helps to build resilience, developing our growth mindset. We learn that we can persevere through difficulty and find friendship, that we belong in a community, and that our contributions are appreciated. We become imaginative, creative and intelligent. People draw on their own imagination quickly and spontaneously, knowing that they have tapped into the deep well of their own power.


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