Milton Culture Days 2018 at the Milton Public Library

With the main branch of the Milton Public Library in the same building as our Milton Culture  Days hub (the FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton), it only makes sense to program both locations! This year there will be at least four activities at MPL, spanning various genres – including music, poetry, technology and literature. Visit to add these free activities to your Bright Spots scheduler!


Beat Box Poetry

Explore poetry using rhythm and rhyme in this interactive workshop. Match words with beats to create original (and musical) poems. Ideal for ages 8-12.

Sept 29, 2PM – 4PM


Robo-Geek Games

Play “Rock, Play “Memory” with Sanbot, Play “Battle Cup Game” with EZ-Robot Battle Flipper.

Sept 30, 2PM – 4PM


Milton Choristers

To launch it’s 50th anniversary season, the Milton Choristers proudly participate in Culture Days 2018 with an energetic and engaging segment that will be fun for all ages!  Singing is an art form most people take part in, even if it is in private (the car, the shower!). Come hear this accomplished local choir, learn a bit more about choral music, and join with them in some elements that are sure to amuse you.

Sept 29, 10AM – 11AM

Wordplay Workshop

Do you have a story inside you just waiting to get out? Have you been meaning to write your memoirs? Have you always wanted to get better acquainted with great works of literature? Indulge your love of letters with an entertaining series of games and activities.

Sept 29, 11:15AM – 1:15PM