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What does Home mean to you?

Welcome to #APlaceICallHomeHalton a participatory community art project.

Our core values:

Interactive Engagement: Participants play a crucial role in shaping the artwork. By sharing their images and ideas of home, they become part of a growing archive that represents diverse perspectives on the concept of home. Community Collaboration: #APlaceICallHomeHalton fosters a sense of unity and collaboration within the community. It offers a platform for individuals to express themselves and contribute to a larger dialogue about home and belonging.  Share your images and reflections with us by posting, tagging this account @APlaceIcallHomeProject and using the hashtag #APlaceICallHomeHalton.

#APlaceICallHomeHalton is presented in collaboration with Halton Region; Town of Milton, Museum of Burlington, Town of Oakville, Town of Halton Hills, during Culture Days between Sep 23 to Oct 15 2023.

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Halton’s Heritage: A Brief Overview

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through Halton’s vibrant past! Join us for a lively presentation that will whisk you through the ages, exploring the land, the incredible folks who’ve called it home, the booming communities, and the fascinating world of agriculture and industry. We’ll dive deep into Halton’s historical treasures and draw exhilarating comparisons to the bustling Halton Region we know today.

Link to Halton’s Heritage

Self-Guided Tour: Flavours of Milton

Discover the rich culinary landscape of Milton with Arts Milton’s Culinary Map during Culture Days. From September 23rd to October 15th, residents and visitors can indulge in a diverse array of affordable culinary delights. This free, self-guided tour promises a delightful exploration of local flavours and talent. Don’t miss out on this delectable experience!

MAP 1      MAP 2

Self-Guided Tour: Milton’s Arts and Culture

Immerse yourself in the art world, all freely accessible to our community. Marvel at the Exclusively Inclusive Art project’s Traffic Boxes and Murals, each telling a unique story of our town’s creativity and inclusivity.

This self-guided tour offers a window into the artistic soul of Milton, showcasing the talent that thrives here. Discover the hidden gems, the awe-inspiring murals, and the thought-provoking installations adorn our streets.

MAP 1: Exclusively Inclusive Traffic Boxes
MAP 2: Hugh Lane Murals and other Artworks in town

Download PDF: Coming Soon

Yoga with Indu Verma

Elevate your mornings with Yoga led by the experienced Indu Verma, a devoted practitioner with a degree in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic medicine. With two decades of residency in Milton and five years of enriching the community with the gift of Yoga, Indu is your guide to a wholesome lifestyle. Join her every morning at 6 AM to infuse your day with wellness and vitality. Start your journey towards balance and well-being with Indu Verma, the heart of Milton’s holistic awakening. 

Pranyam starts @ 6:00 AM and Asan starts @ 6:30 AM feel free to join session of your choice or both sessions.

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Meeting ID: 891 0819 6775 Passcode: 472448


I Have A Question Story Time: That’s What They Said With Author Amy Leask

Introducing “That’s What They Said” – a delightful tale featuring a sharp-witted young protagonist who’s quick to discern fact from fiction. Join us for an engaging online storytime on YouTube, where we’ll bring this clever narrative to life!

In “That’s What They Said,” young readers will embark on a journey alongside our astute heroine, who fearlessly calls out tall tales when she hears them. This captivating story not only entertains but also encourages critical thinking in a fun and relatable way. Visit the website, to explore this enchanting tale, available in print now, with an interactive ebook version on the horizon!

Link to the Story session

DIY Lipan Art with Artist Punita

Enjoy learning Lipan art with Punita Nanda.

Lipan art is the mud and mirror work is a traditional art from Gujarat, India. Women use clay to create intricate designs on the inside walls of their homes. The art is known as Lipan, and it helps keep the interiors cool. Today, Lipan is popular for home décor and DIY projects with new designs and bright colours.

Meet Punita, an International Trade and Business Development professional from West Bengal, India. She’s a self-taught artist who loves exploring new forms of art, like acrylic, watercolor, mandala resin, and lipan art. Punita enjoys sharing her passion for art by organizing classes, events, and participating in exhibitions and community events.

Instagram: @artistic_punita   View DIY Video Here

Water Colours with Artist Vatsal Patel

Join Artist Vatsal Patel as he walks you through making a beautiful watercolour painting.

Meet Vatsal Patel, a contemporary realist painter based in Brampton, Ontario. Originally from Vadodara, India, Vatsal’s vibrant paintings pay tribute to his homeland and are filled with joy, peace, and the lively spirit of Indian culture. Using mediums such as Rangoli, watercolour, acrylic, and ink, he brings to life picturesque landscapes, tropical birds and flowers, human figures, and portraits of farmers tending to their fields, all with bold compositions and contrasting yet harmonious colours.

View Video Here

Resin Coaster Tutorial 101 with Artist Nargis Naqvi

Dive into the captivating world of resin art alongside the talented artist, Nargis Naqvi!

Join us on a journey that spans continents and mediums as Nargis, born in Ireland and raised in Saudi Arabia with Pakistani roots, takes us through her incredible artistic evolution. From her early days, where her father’s support kick-started her passion with Winsor Newton oil paints and oversized canvases, to her experimentation with various art forms, including oil and glass paintings, pottery, fabric art, and murals – Nargis’s creative exploration knows no bounds.

View DIY Video Here

Ved and Friends Make Navratri Special DIY

Each year, Ved and his friends make a lot of DIY crafts to reflect the festive season of Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali Ravan. The 9-day Navratri festival starts mid-October, and what better way to prepare for the festivities than with Ved and Friends?

Goddess Durga plays an important role in Navratri as many celebrate Durgotsav. Here, we see Sudeep and Ved make Goddess Durga’s eyes and the symbol of Om to add to the decorations.  Make your traditions with your little ones and let Ved and Friends Celebrate Dussehra and Diwali be part of your traditions.

View Video Here

Studio Tour with Artist Yen Linh Thai

Come check out Artist Yen Linh Thai’s creative space and learn about her style and passion for the arts. Yen Linh Thai (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and muralist based in Mississauga. Her work explores the whimsical and is largely inspired by stories and storytelling. She strives to make art that exists between two and three dimensions. In recent years, Linh has expanded her practice to public art projects, creating artworks inspired by the communities they live in.

Linh has created artwork for the Art Gallery of Burlington, Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, High Park Zoo, and the Art Gallery of Ontario. In 2021, she was awarded the MARTY (Mississauga Arts Award) in the Visual Arts – Emerging category. She holds a B.Sc (Honours) in Animal Biology & Studio Art from the University of Guelph (2016).

View DIY Video Here

Author Spotlight: Amy Leask’s Creative Space

Embark on a delightful journey with the renowned author and philosopher, Amy Leask, as she warmly welcomes us into her enchanting workspace. Here, she graciously shares insights into her creative process and the inspiration behind her mesmerizing literary works.

View Video Here